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“If you are looking for a place to watch your fur baby look no further!


I 10/10 would recommend A Fetching Place to everyone!


When I first started taking my Airedale Lukah he was just under 2 and a wild child to say the least! When we took him for his assessment in 2018 we were welcomed into the pack and we haven’t looked back!

I just have to mention “school” to Lukah and he is up and ready to go faster than If a squirrel were to pass by. 



A fetching place is a clean, open concept and affordable daycare that welcomes everyone with open paws. If you are nervous about leaving your fur baby at first like I was you will love the introduction process. Initially starting at 1/2 days and moving into full days.In addition to this the genuine feedback the team members provide you with throughout the process will put you right at ease. 


There are no words to describe the team at A Fetching Place. To say they are fantastic is an understatement. Everyone at A Fetching Place loves each dog as if they were their own! Regardless of if you are working a double shift or are on a pup-less trip for a few days you can relax and know that your dog is being well taken care of and is most certainly having a better time than you are. 



It has been heartwarming for me to watch Lu go from a wild child to a “mature” pup over his time spent here. A Fetching Place is more than just a daycare its a second home to Lukah and we are so happy to be a part of the pack!”


-Jess and Lu

"We started taking our dog, Stella (Doberman Pinscher) to A Fetching Place back in November of 2016, when she was just 11 months old and it was one of the best decisions we ever made!


Not only is A Fetching Place a wonderful, clean & friendly environment to take your furry family member when you work a long day or need a break from the dog walking/exercise routine - but A Fetching Place is a great facility to help introduce/socialize your dog with other dogs, big/small that are at every age/stage of life & will also help your dog to learn his/her manners, and allow them to get the mental/physical exercise they need all at the same time!


The team at A Fetching Place are incredible and not only do they genuinely care about each dog that's in their pack, you can have peace of mind that your dog is being well taken care of in a safe & controlled environment. 


The only regret my husband and I have about A Fetching Place is that we didn't discover it sooner!"   - Ashley Vititoe

“A Fetching Place has truly been a life-saver for us. Especially on days where work takes me out of town or days where we just need some evenings free of dog walking.


Griffon LOVES going there! All I have to do is whisper “want to go to day care?” into his ear and the previously un-movable dead to the world dog is out of bed in a flash and waiting by the front door. 

The staff are so friendly, kind, reassuring, knowledgeable, accommodating and honest. I truly value the accounts of his behaviour good or bad (thanks Natasha and Bentley!). I know I can leave him there and have piece of mind, knowing he is in great hands! 5 stars!”   - Joanna Samson

"I am so impressed with the staff at A Fetching Place. You certainly have a handle on the various personalities and you all rise to the challenges involved in taking care of "the pack".     I feel totally secure when I drop Lucy off there, knowing that you will take good care of her." - Karen Mooney

"My girlfriend and I approached A Fetching Place when we both started working more and were in need of assistance in caring for our husky Nala. She had developed some separation anxiety and could not be left at home without being crated, and we couldn't bare to crate her all day, 5 days a week, we felt it just wasn't right to leave her alone and scared on a regular basis.
So we brought her to A Fetching Place to get acquainted soon after opening and we couldn't be happier! Our Nala plays all day with dogs as well as staff who are always there to supervise. Nala always has a lot of energy and needs regular walks and attention but after a day at A Fetching Place she is happy, hungry, and tired. Which is nice because after work so are we! A couple of time we've needed to go away overnight and A Fetching Place was happy to board her for the night or weekend if necessary.
        We find the service invaluable to us as we almost couldn't have our husky with her conditions without A Fetching Place and their services. I would recommend to anyone who is in need of some social dogcare for their fur kids to contact A Fetching Place now!"

- Chris and Tasha

A Fetching Place Doggy Daycare & Grooming
A Fetching Place Doggy Daycare & Grooming
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