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Is Dog Daycare The Right Fit For You ?


All dogs must be:

  • Assessed by a Pack Manager

  • Spayed/Neutered once of age

  • Up to date on core vaccines

  • Vaccinated yearly for Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

  • On a parasite prevention program

  • Enrolled in a minimum of 1x weekly daycare attendance

Assessments are by appointment only.

Current proof of vaccination required.

Due to unprecedented and overwhelming demand for our services, A Fetching Place is currently working through an extensive waitlist. The waitlist remains open, but we cannot guarantee accommodations for this upcoming season.

We are thrilled with how highly our facility is praised and recommended, however new  assessment appointments and Trials are limited in order to continue providing the exceptional services our current pack members know and love. We appreciate your ongoing patience as we work our way through the waitlist!

We are entirely open concept here at A Fetching Place, which means we don't have kennels of any kind.

For the safety of both the staff and dogs, all new dogs must complete a Suitability Assessment and a 2 Hour Trial to ensure they are a good fit for our services.

The Suitability Assessment is a 15-20 minute phone call where we will learn your pet's history and go over any special requirements they may have, followed by scheduling a 2 Hour Trial visit.

The 2 Hour Trial visit begins with a Pack Manager introducing our in-house dogs to the new dog one at a time, slowly building the pack around them. Once introductions are complete and the Trial dog seems settled in, gates are opened to allow them to explore the rest of the facility, both inside and out.

The entire procedure is mandatory for all new dogs to join the Fetching Place pack.

Facility tours can be arranged at pickup from the 2 Hour Trial.

Furthermore, we require regular weekly attendance as the open-concept daycare environment can be overwhelming to dogs that aren't used to it, and it can take varying amounts of time for each individual to settle in and get comfortable knowing this is a safe, fun place to be.

Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to any dog deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the daycare. Management also reserves the right to revoke daycare privileges at their discretion from any dog exhibiting unacceptable behaviour.

We thank you for your understanding as safety is paramount to all those involved!

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