Meet Our Staff

Nicola Tallman

Founder, Owner 

Nicki worked as the purchasing manager at a local high end audio company for over 20 years. 


She enjoyed her time there, but decided it is time to fulfill her dream of owning a dog daycare. 


Nicki loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, and spends all of her free time on adventures with her two golden retrievers, Cohen and Olive. 

Natasha Westgate

Pack Manager


Natasha graduated with honours from Sheridan College's Animal Care Program, and has spent the last 15 years working with animals in a wide variety of settings, ranging from dog kennels and daycare to research to zoo and shelter.

Her extensive experience in various canine facilities has given her the skills necessary to temperament assess and effectively lead free roaming packs of dogs of all breeds and sizes. 

Natasha lives with her American Bulldog/Cane Corso Genghis, Hera a Husky/Pyrenees and two little humans.

Bentley Foley
Animal Care Supervisor


Bentley is a licensed dog trainer, having graduated with honours from the Animal Behaviour College program. He has a decade of experience managing off-leash packs at canine daycare's as well as individual care as an in-home dog-sitter.

Bentley is passionate about canine behaviour, and thrives  in an open-concept setting. 

He has a mutt named Milo and an Alaskan Husky named Gotham.

Ingrid Govan

Animal Care Attendant

Ingrid has prior experience as both a grooming assistant and dog daycare attendant.

She loves working with dogs of all shapes and sizes and is truly passionate about her work, whether leading the pack or pampering them in the groom room.

Ingrid has a feisty Scottish terrier named Pepper.

Paulina Beaney

Animal Care Attendant

Paulina spent a couple years volunteering at animal shelters while working customer service before pursuing full time work with dogs.


She loves working as a daycare attendant and operates a side business making collars and leashes.


Paulina is especially passionate about herding dogs and the unique challenges they bring - her border collie Caoimhe is her best friend.

Neil Emery

Animal Care Attendant

Although Neil's main background is culinary, he has always held a deep passion for animals, especially dogs or wolves.


For 8 years he was the kennel coordinator for 150 Siberian Husky sled dogs, as well as caring for a pack of un-socialized wolves, an orphaned moose, logging horses, and some wild boar.

Neil is thrilled to continue learning about all the varying characteristics of different breeds of dogs, and is dedicated to leading a safe and happy pack while accommodating a multitude of unique canine personalities.

Laura Aird

Boarding Attendant

Laura has been around dogs since a young age. After high school, she ran her own horse boarding and training facility, and is now on a working farm with her husband and 3 children.

Laura has trained her own dogs using various methods and has dabbled in agility. She has also shown and bred Great Danes, and currently has two of the gentle giants, Cleo and Kaly, as part of her family pack.

Laura loves being around all types of animals, even if she has to pass the sniff test when she gets home.

Mark Nicoletti

Animal Care Attendant

Mark has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry but found his dream job when he began
working with dogs four years ago providing in-home care and boarding. In his spare time, he volunteers
weekly with the Peterborough Humane Society, walking and socializing dogs of all different sizes and
temperaments. He loves all animals but has a soft spot for rescues and senior dogs. He lives in
Peterborough with his Husky/Bernese Mountain Dog rescue, Grizzly and two hilarious cats, Bee and
Leeroy... and the occasional foster.

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