Are you out of the home for long hours, leaving your dog crated, or roaming and bored?

Struggling with scheduling the exercise and playtime your dog needs to live a healthy active lifestyle?

If your dog loves to play with other dogs, but rarely has a chance to do so...

4 hours is a Half Day of play.

Anything over 4 hours is considered a Full Day.

Monday to Friday: all dogs must be dropped off by 10:30AM.

Saturday & Sunday: drop off by 12 noon

For your convenience, schedule your pick up any time within our opening hours!

  •  $28 /Day
  • $20 /Half Day (4 Hours or less)
  • Additional dogs are 50% off.
  • Full Day Packages

    • $260 /10 Days (expires in 60 days)

    • $480 /20 Days (expires in 60 days)

    • $660 /30 Days (expires in 90 days)


Add a nail trim or shampoo to your daycare. Prices start at $10!

All prices plus HST.

We average 20 - 30 dogs per day, so there is never any shortage of playmates!

Spaces are limited, advanced scheduling recommended.

Why Daycare?


Burns energy and exercises a dog's body and mind.

Builds confidence in canine social interactions.

Provides a safe and convenient second home in case of unexpected trips and emergencies.

We are entirely open concept here at A Fetching Place, which means we don't have kennels of any kind. Because all of our pack members are free roaming and mingling at all times, all dogs must pass a temperament assessment to ensure they are dog-social enough to be considered a good fit for our daycare service.

Open-concept daycares are considered to be a more natural environment for our domesticated canines, but are NOT suitable for every dog. For safety reasons, accepted dogs must not show any human or animal aggression, and any individuals that begin to display inappropriate behaviour will be dismissed from our daycare program.

It is recommended that the dogs have some exposure to other dogs before attending daycare to prevent it from being an overwhelming and stressful environment.


Furthermore, despite being able to tolerate the close proximity to other dogs and the high level of activity, we require all of our dogs to enjoy their time with us. We reserve the right to dismiss any dogs we feel are not comfortable and content within our facility, as the stress levels induced by being somewhere they cannot relax can be detrimental to a dogs health and general well-being.

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Open Hours :

Monday to Saturday - 7am to 6pm  

Sunday - 8am to 5pm


985 Crawford Drive Peterborough, ON
705-874-7297 (PAWS)