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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cleaning products do you use?

All of our cleaning products are 100% animal safe. We use Prevail, Pink Solution and double strength cleaning vinegar. We do not store anything that could potentially cause harm within our facility.

Is your staff first aid certified?
Yes! Our staff have completed initial as well as refresher Canine First Aid courses.
What do you do if one of the dogs is acting out?


Our staff are professionals with a background in canine body language and social interactions. Constant supervision and management of the pack means prevention is always our first method.

Should a dog display an unwanted or inappropriate behaviour despite our best efforts to prevent them, distraction and redirection are our next step. We always try to shape good behaviour with praise and encouragement.

If the behaviour persists or the dog cannot successfully be redirected, we then move on to gentle but firm verbal corrections, body blocking, or possible removal from the situation and separation to prevent escalations.

We try our best to coordinate with owners and work with any problematic behaviours, but persistent, unmanageable behaviour will result in permanent dismissal of the dog from our facility.

Do you accept all breeds of dogs?


We do not discriminate against any breeds, however, each individual dog must pass the initial suitability assessment prior to being accepted.

What is your ratio of staff to dogs?


We try to maintain a 1:10 ratio of humans to dogs, but we never exceed a 1:15 ratio.   Your dog is our #1 priority, and we guarantee that they will always be feeling the love.

What if I'm late picking up my dog?


Late pick-ups (between 6 pm & 8 pm) must be pre-approved and are subject to fees:

15 min/$5.  30 min/$10.  Each hour/$20.  Absolutely no pick ups after 8 pm.  If you are not able to arrive by 8 pm, you may have to make alternate arrangements for pick up or schedule boarding in advance.


What should I pack for an overnight stay?


Please have all food clearly labeled with your dogs name. Be sure to pack any medications that will be required during the stay along with specific administration instructions. You may also pack a leash, jacket/sweater if needed, and any preferred bedding.  Please note that we will not be responsible for any lost or damaged materials packed. 


What forms of payment do you take?


Cash, E-transfer, Visa and MasterCard.


What is your cancellation policy?


You may cancel daycare bookings up to 8am the day of the booking without a fee, however, cancellations after 8am or 'no shows' will incur regular daycare fees. 

Clients who cancel boarding reservations with less than 48 hours notice are subject to a $60 fee; clients who do not show up for a boarding reservation without notice of cancellation are subject to a $60 fee OR 50% of multiple night reservations.


Do you feed dogs during daycare?


We do not typically feed our daycare guests, however, we can accommodate any dogs that may require a midday feeding.


What is your procedure for first time guests?

The first step is to fill out our Assessment Intake Form. We will then contact you to schedule a phone call Suitability Assessment with a Pack Manager to discuss your dog's social history, followed by a 2 Hour Trial visit where your dog is introduced to the pack. Assuming all goes well at the Trial, you would then be welcome to start scheduling daycare!

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