Since we sleep together as a pack, we like all dogs to be relaxed and comfortable in this environment. Therefore, daycare attendance is required before overnight boarding to give them a chance to get familiar and settle in with our staff and facility.

Since we are entirely open concept, it is hard to separate and keep specific dogs' toys from being played with, chewed and possibly destroyed by other dogs. For this reason we please request that you do not send any personal toys from home with your dogs for boarding.

** Boarding Services reserved for current Daycare clients **

Overnight Boarding Rates:

All prices +HST

$40 for 24 hours ($45 on Statutory Holidays)

  • 14% discount for 7 days or more!

    • Stat Holidays exempt from discount.

  • Additional dogs are 50% off

  • Daycare charges may also apply:

    • Pick-up within 1 hour of drop-off time, no charge.

    • Pick-up 1 - 4 hours after drop-off time, $20 (half day)

    • Pick-up 4+ hours after drop-off time, $28 (full day)

What to bring for your pup's sleepover?

  • Their usual food; can be pre-portioned into meals, but for stays longer than a weekend, we recommend bringing the entire bag/container.

  • Specific feeding instructions; we will fill out a boarding form on your first visit, then ask about any dietary changes for subsequent sleepovers.

  • Emergency contact info; depending on where you are traveling as well as who your travel companions are, we may need updated emergency contact info for each new boarding.

  • Optional, Blankets/Bedding; only if they are very attached to a specific blanket, otherwise we prefer to use our own large, comfy in-house beds.

We pride ourselves on putting the comfort of your pup first before all else, so we require semi-regular  attendance. The open-concept daycare environment can be overwhelming to dogs that aren't used to it, and it can take varying amounts of time for each individual to settle in and get comfortable knowing this is a safe, fun place to be. Some dogs are so easy-going and confident that they can come sporadically without stress, but most dogs highly benefit from routine visits so that they are happy to arrive and enjoy their time, rather than being nervous, over-stimulated and stressed.

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